bright, vibrant lining in each Lulo Texas bag

Colorful Colombia meets Cowboy Country

Handcrafted cowhide bags, designed in TX, hecho en Colombia

Rustic Artisan Cowhide

Each one handmade, no two alike


cowhide chic - the perfect gift!

bright, vibrant lining

makes each bag as fun on the inside as it is on the out!

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Meet the #Lowbudgetmodels!


Heather and the Papelera

Here's Heather, my #lowbudgetmodel holding my sleek leather attaché, or Papelera. Heather is wearing my dress I wore at the Troy High School sports banquet in 1989. Heather acted reluctant to wear it but has yet to give it back. Hmm.


Cousin Joe and the Viajero

Introducing my #lowbudgetmodel, cousin Joe, and Darryl the burro. Joecephus went to Vietnam, then Texas A&M, then traipsed around Mexico for a year or two - rumor has it he toured Mexico on the back of a burro. But not Darryl.


Holly and the Bolso Craft

This is my sister, Holly, holding the Bolso Craft. My sister would like this purse if it only had Hello Kitty embossed on the front. That's my mom's Samsonite suitcase from 1966.  We are a family of hoarders.

Charles and the Bolso Craft

My Dad and the Viajero