a bag is born!

that's it.  the scribbling that got Lulo Texas started.  it's a picture i drew for a new attaché bag i designed as a result of my klutziness.  i spilled an entire cup of coffee inside my business bag and it was so disgusting - i can't even BEGIN to tell you.  i began looking for a new bag with a durable, idiot-proof liner and couldn't find one.  I knew i was headed to Colombia so  i decided to have my friend Aida make one i designed.  then, i decided to have her make a cowhide bag for me, too.  friends heard about my plans and asked me to make them some.  then, as it so happens, the light bulb popped.  i bought a few purses and brought them back to Texas and wouldn't you know, my little negociocito got legs and took off. 

so far, those legs sprinted, taken a few descansos and then jogged for a while, but it's kept on moving, and now Lulo Texas is born.  so what's up with that name?

i lived in Bogotá, Colombia for six years with my husband and two sons, and absolutely loved drinking Lulo, a tropical citrus fruit that is truly like crack so sweet you can feel your teeth develop cavities.  it's my absolute favorite drink in Colombia.  So, Lulo + Texas = Colombian Cowboy chic.  

each bag is made with love, hard work and sweat.  we did clean the sweat out, though...  te prometo!  and if you have any questions or design ideas - holler!  

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