10. Starbursts (except the yellow ones)

  9. Jolly Ranchers 

  8. Snickers bite size

  7. Snickers bar

  6. Tootsie Pops

  5. Snickers Minis

  4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

  3. Snickers Fun Size

  2. Cherry sours

  1. Snickers 1-pound bar (so you can share!)

This calls for a list of the top 5 worst candies ever invented and pretty much ruin holidays with their mere existence:

  5. Peeps (just what in the puffy crap hell is it?)

  4. Pez

  3. Twizzlers (chew on a straw - it's the same)

  2. Werther's Original - the only old dude who really eats this candy is one who's stoned

  1.  Candy Corn 


Here's a picture of Mojojoy worms people actually pay to eat in the Amazon jungle.  When I took this picture they were still squirming around, alive, not aware they were about to be ingested.  I would still eat a mojojoy over a candy corn, any day.

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