MY TOP 10: Reasons to Love Lulo Texas!

That's a picture of my new doormat. My friend bought it for me for my birthday, thinking it said, HOLA (Hi, in Spanish). But instead, it says HOLLA, which is perfect. Holla, y'all!

Speaking of y'all, I am not a fan of blogs unless they're about celebrities or how to cook something in less than 2 minutes with only 2 ingredients. However, I absolutely love top ten lists. So here's my top ten list of why you will love Lulo Texas:

10.  Everything is going to make you look amazeballs.

  9.  Nobody else will have the bag you've got. NOBODY!

  8.  Every bag is designed by me here in Texas and it's that little dollop of kickass country cool that gives it a sweet little edge.

  7.  TJ Maxx just sucks.  

  6.  Everything in the world is made in China these days so why not let the Colombians have a piece?  And the Texans, for that matter?

  5.  This company gives me a break from my Real Job and as a result, that keeps all of you safer, trust me.  Especially my coworkers. 

  4.  If you really like your bag, you can send me your picture with it, and be one of the #lowbudgetmodels. BONUS!

  3.  Imagine the shame you'll feel when you opt for that Coach purse over a Lulo bag, and you carry it to the soccer game only to find three other moms with that same purse. You should've gotten the Viajero! #GOFORIT

  2.  Like my BFF Melinda says, no matter your size, the purse always fits. End of story.

  1.  Nothing like a little retail therapy to get over a weird political season. Get that purse, girl. #iapproveofthismessage

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