The Big 45 TOP 10

I recently turned 45, and luckily I still have the maturity of a 14 year old.  Here's the TOP 10 of things I have learned the past 45 years:

10. You will never get your hair to look as good as the stylist.

  9. When in doubt, hire mariachis.

  8. Dairy is in everything - even sour patch kids, i think.

  8. Men will watch anything on TV. As I write this, Todd's watching sumo wrestling, this morning QVC.

  7. When you brag about your kid, he will immediately do something so awful, you will try to act like he's not your child.

  6. Old folks really enjoy talking about their bowel movements.

  5. It's OK to say "i don't know," even if you know the answer because sometimes it feels good withholding information.

  4. Change is good, but only when the US Government is paying for your move.

  3. Math is the most important subject to master. I just saw there are two 8s in this list, and that reminded me.

  2. If you really want to be cool, don't get a tattoo. You'll be the only one.

  1. The Office is the best show in the history of television.


Here's a picture of a full moon in Maui, Hawaii (reference #7)

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