brown and white Bolso Tagua, brown liner

brown and white Bolso Tagua, brown liner

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The Bolso Tagua combines two Colombian treasures - premium cowhide with tagua, the vegetable ivory. Tagua is a nut from a South American palm tree used to make beautiful jewelry. That circular piece of tagua connects the strap to the purse, making it a perfect and unique detail on this bag. Some of the bags come with hair on both sides, and some with smooth leather on the back.

Open the bag, and color explodes from bright, durable polyester/cotton lining and three pockets.

Length: 12.5" height: 13" middle, 16" side width: opens to 1.5"
Front/back: short, splotchy brown and white hair
Strap: soft, chocolate brown leather - soft on your shoulder Lining: brown cotton lining, with 3 pockets

Last picture features my #lowbudgetmodel, my sister, Holly, holding one of the Bolsos Tagua. She's also wearing my boots and shirt. It's not that I don't trust her fashion judgment, but her festive Snoopy valentine's day shirt clashed with the bag. #snoopdoggydog