the "Rechelle" brown and white cowhide wristlet/wallet/belt bag, purple liner

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It's like a fanny pack but not hideous! This fabulous, clean, gorgeous belt bag slides onto your belt easy peasy, and stores the essentials - your phone (large iPhones and Androids all fit), your ID and one credit card and cash. And since it's attached to your belt, it can't slip off or be yanked off. Perfect for concerts, games - anywhere you want to be hands free and still look chic.

This is premium Colombian cowhide that will get softer and prettier with time. It even has a bright, puple satin liner! The design is sleek and clean - no blingy crap.

*PLEASE NOTE the pictures showing how the bag holds cash, phone and IDs is a chocolate brown leather Rechelle bag! The one for sale is a caramel, lighter brown color.

Specs: 6 3/4" X 4 1/4"