About Lulo Texas!

I always go and fall in love with every place I've ever lived. South Carolina was the bomb. My kids were born in San Francisco, so there's that. And no need to explain the great republic of Texas. But there was something really amazeballs about Colombia. Once I figured out how to spell it (IT'S AN O, NOT A U), I just about went native.

The food - oh my.  And it's got just about every fruit juice you can imagine, to include my favorite, Lulo, an orangey-passion fruit-lemon delight you just can't imagine. People, it's ridiculous. You feel like you're drinking candy. When I decided to design the bags and have them made by friends in Colombia, I struggled with what to call it. Then, it hit me. Lulo represents the sweetness of Colombia, and Texas is where the party started.

Lulo + Texas = cowboy cool.  

I design the bags here in San Antonio, TX. Then, each bag is painstakingly handmade by a small, family-owned workshop in Colombia. We put a lot of thought into each cowhide selected, and color combined. There is no bulk purse-making going on.  And no two bags will be repeated. There is a lot of love, sweat and tears put in to every single bag. We do steam the sweat out, though (joke). We leave the love in each one, and hope you love these bags as much as we do.

Right now, it's just me (I'm Heather), and my friends in Colombia running this little business. I do have two freelance photographers who, when they aren't in trouble for forgetting to do their homework, are always happy to jump in help. If you have any questions you can contact me.  Please see the FAQ page, because I bet now you have a question.

Thanks for looking, y'all.