Do you have a question?  Look here and find your answer!

  1. Where are the bags made?  Good first question!  They are all designed by me, here in San Antonio, TX (GoSpursGo) and made by a family-run workshop in Bogotá, Colombia.  Each piece is carefully handmade by them with 100% Colombian leather.

  2. How durable is cowhide, and will it shed?  It will last a lifetime, but only with careful use.  Cowhide sheds, and if you find a person who says it doesn't, it just isn't true.  Eventually the shedding slows/ceases.  If you carry the bag every day, it will show some wear after time, but if you are careful with it, it will look great and hold up for a long time.

  3. How do you clean hair-on hide?  With mild soap and water and wipe in the direction of the hair.  The hair is remarkably water-resistant so that's a bonus if you drop some wine on your cowhide bag and act fast with a napkin (been there, done that)!  Sometimes a light dusting with a low-suction vacuum cleaner is all it needs to get out the dust or dirt.

  4. Some of the hair has scarring or birth marks?  Is this a defect?  To the contrary!  It's naturally occurring and we think makes the hide special.  All of these blemishes - spotting, scars, branding, whorls and scrapes - are what make each bag unique.  In some countries, scarred and scraped cowhide is coveted over unblemished hair, as they believe it adds character to the hair.

  5. Can I special order?  That is an option I hope to offer very soon.  We have already done a couple special orders and they turned out great.

  6. How are Lulo Texas bags different from any other cowhide bag?  We spent a lot of time thinking of design and color.  Most cowhide bags on the market have way too much bling - studs and hardware and straps, oh my.  We like to keep it basic and let the cowhide be the star.  The colorful lining was originally an idea to make it easier to find things in your purse.  The unexpected result is that POP of PARTY puts the bag over the edge, with just the right amount of pure cowhide cool and color to make it truly one of a kind.

  7. But are each bags truly one of a kind?  Absolutely.  You will not find any exact color combination with any exact hair-on hide.  It's impossible, anyway, which is the beauty of cowhide.

  8. Can I return my bag if I don't like it?  Trust me, you're going to love it!  But if you don't for any reason, send it back within 30 days of your purchase (you pay return postage).  Hopefully we can find another bag you like.  If not, expect a full refund.

  9. Seems like you're obsessed with Colombia.  What's your problem?  Yes, you are correct.  Confession time:  if you ever go there and eat an arepa Chocló and drink a mandarina at Andrés Carne de Res in Chía, you'll be hooked, too.

  10. How can I contact you?  Easy peasy lemon squeezy:  hkhudgens@mac.com.  Or come see me in San Antonio, TX.  I'll be at the soccer field.