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super cute "Media Luna" cowhide clutch, red liner

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This bag, called the Clutch Media Luna, is just about as perfect a cowhide hair-on clutch you can get! Media Luna means half-moon. That simple, half-moon design at the top of the bag is what makes people see stars when they notice it -- it just knocks them out!

The 10" leather-edged front zipper adds just one more detail to this lovely clutch. Some Media Lunas have hair on both sides.  This one has short, shiny brown hair on one side.  The back, zipper trim and wrist band are all butter-soft chocolate brown leather. Inside you'll find bright red lining with three pockets.

The 8.5" wrist strap is removable.

More specs on this purse: 
Length: 12.5" 
Height: 7" middle, 8" sides 
Width: opens to 1" at base